Shankar Dhondiram More – Learning & adapting to new skills

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It is easy to imagine that some things must be the way they’ve always been. The pandemic has changed that for us. People are now learning more deeply, changing their expectations, role & contribution.
So did Shankar More, a resident of Shirasgaon village in Maharashtra , who runs one of the two Kirana shops of his village. Pre lockdown his avg monthly turnover was a lakh+ and he was happy dealing with his customers in cash despite having a POS machine. However, when the lockdown reduced footfall in the shop, Shankar had to find alternatives. He began home deliveries by taking orders over the phone and delivering them once his shop closed. But he did not want to do business on credit and collecting cash was becoming unsafe.
Shankar’s BRO Nilesh Hande offered an alternative by teaching him about different digital payment options & bank transfer. Shankar adapted to this new method of transactions while educating his customers about digital payments. This kept his business running, without any loss of goodwill or cash flow. The digital transactions ranged from Rs200-1000. He successfully managed to have no difference in his monthly turnover pre and during the lockdown.
SarvaGram looks up-to agile customers like Shankar who adapt and keep learning new ways to cross hurdles to become victorious. #customerstories #adapt #lockdown #inspiration #SarvaGram

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