Heritage Sites Near SarvaGram Branch : Pimpalgaon

By: SarvaGram

Pimpalgaon Baswant is 40kms from Nashik and all the heritage sites which are in and around Nashik can be accessed from Pimpalgaon too!

Pimpalgaon is famous for its quality grapes and the vineyards.

Some famous vineyards which are around are Sula, Salo, Shivam, Soma, etc.

The best season to visit is Dec- March. In season remember to pre-book at the vineyard of your choice.

Some enticing views of the vineyards.

How to Reach The Vineyards

  • Road

The vineyards are around Nashik and the Mumbai Agra highway is a great way to reach Nashik. A taxi can take you to any vineyard of your choice.

  • Rail

Nashik also has a railway station which is connected by major routes and cities

  • Air

The nearest airport is at Ozar, which is 20km northeast from Nashik and only 20km from Pimpalgaon. It is owned by HAL and mainly used by Indian Air force but has a different passenger terminal.

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